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Radiant Survivor Erica Tucci, author of 'Radiant Survivor' shares her journey of overcoming the affects of having a stroke. From Erica's book- "Have you or someone you love ever faced a life situation that completely changed your life‚Ķ one that may have brought you to the brink of death, physically or emotionally? How much would it have meant to have someone tell you that you have the ability not just to survive this ordeal, but to come out of it thriving with a richer and more meaningful view … Read More and Listen to the Interview »


Finding Jill Jill Kraft Thompson poignantly shares her story of life, Finding Jill, after the loss of five family members; her husband, two sons, her mother and niece. Her book 'Finding Jill' is the powerful story of how one woman experienced unthinkable tragedy and yet survived to experience new love, new hope and new life. Read Angela's related blog post,¬†Finding Jill, at Then Life Happens.   … Read More and Listen to the Interview »


The 10 Second Philosophy Everything was on a downward spiral in Derek Mills' life - his work, his physical and mental health, his relationships with family and friends. But it only took one insignificant question from an office security guard one night for Derek to stop, connect deep within himself and in the next 10 seconds begin to see a way to change his entire life completely. Derek shares his story so that it can be the doorway to your own journey of change and instant … Read More and Listen to the Interview »


Jac's Voice #MentalHealth Donna May shares the story of her daughter's journey with mental health issues and addiction that ultimately led to her death at the age of 34 years. Donna is on a mission to teach others about mental health and addiction, to bring about awareness and create change. She will share details of her daughters life and tips for those dealing with a family member in the same or similar situation in her upcoming book 'The Innocents'. … Read More and Listen to the Interview »


You, Your Passion and God You, Your Passion and God - Victoria Michaels shares about her journey of leaving her homeland of Nigeria as a young adult to come to America to follow her passion of music and fashion. Victoria talks about her struggles of loneliness, fear and the situation she found herself in that forced her to fall back on her upbringing to seek God in her darkest moments. Listen to Victoria's tips, advice and words of wisdom as she shares how and why every woman she get out of … Read More and Listen to the Interview »


Courageously Alive #MilitaryLoss Linda Ambard was a single mom of three children working at the Mountain Home Air Force base swimming pool when in walked a young airmen in a blue hammock Speed-o swimming suit. Phil flirted with all of her friends and her too. She was not interested. She said no to his date offers 19 times. When he asked her out for the 20th time, he told her that he wouldn't ask her out again if she said no. She said yes and four months later they eloped, thus beginning a 23 … Read More and Listen to the Interview »

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