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Celebrating The Journey "I never thought I would be "that" girl. That girl has goals and dreams but became entangled in the fight of her life. That girl has begun her journey of recovering what was once lost - her joy, her peace, her passion, her self-esteem, and her desire to make the world a better place. That girl is me." ~ Ashley Hill, author of Celebrating the Journey. …
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Strand of Pearls #DomesticViolence In her memoir, Strand of Pearls, Deborah Livingston recounts her journey from childhood abuse, frequent tragedy and adult addiction to a spiritual transformation that brought her an inner peace and joy available to us all. Her misfortunes early in life and her inability to see them as the “pearls” they actually were led to serious addiction in her early forties. And yet this addiction saved her life, preparing her for the inner transformation she would …
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Dr. Richard London

Wellnessaire, the Life Wellness System The outcome of Dr. Richard London's creative process using the Life Wellness System was the creation of a new revolutionary doctorate of life path called Wellnessaire. Wellnessaire allows humans from every walk of life to create wealth, wellness, love, peace and spirituality in abundance and balance. This is a real tool which brings you to the place of fulfillment, accomplishment, peace and knowing that you DID IT. …
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A Novel by Patti Leudeman Chiappa Inside the blackened house, Sara's tears were burning her eyes... 'Why, God? Why did you do this to me?' …
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I am a cancer survivor, hospice volunteer (Pathways Home Care and Hospice, husband, father, devotee of the shakuhachi (Japanese bamboo flute) and Native American Flute, and Professor Emeritus at San Francisco State University. In 2009 I was named by the Hospice Volunteer Association “Volunteer of the Year.” …
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