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Encouraging Women Entrepreneur - Diane Cunningham Encouraging Women Entrepreneurs - Diane Cunningham is the President and Founder of the National Association of Christian Women Entrepreneurs. She founded the National Association of Christian Women Entrepreneurs to help women connect, create, and collaborate. Diane shares her story of overcoming her past and the challenges along the way to discovering her purpose and heal. Diane is author of “Dear Female Entrepreneur, My Friend” and co-author of …
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Motivated to Act Actor, producer and author of Motivated To Act, Stephen Tako shares his story of reigniting his passion and choosing to live the life of his dreams! Stephen wrote Motivated To Act to motivate creative-minded people to act upon their passions and dreams in life. The book is also about the personal motivation and journey of the author to leave the corporate world and become an entertainer. It's about discovering why people do the things they do and how many of us are stuck in a …
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Career Role Model Program By Claudia Howard, founder of Career Role Model -- "For over 25 years, I had a successful career in Supply Management. Things were great in life. I had an awesome marriage, good paying job that I really enjoyed, and we had just moved into a home we loved. Whoa!! Then there was the shock that stopped me in my tracks – my husband, the love of my life, had his third cancer & it was stage 4! He died 11 months later and though I went to my office every day, every night …
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Make Money Doing Good? Noam Kostucki has co-founded three social enterprises based on his belief that everyone can make money from doing good. Seeducation enables people make a living from doing good. Redefine Us enables organizations to improve their performance by redefining how they see themselves, their people and the way they communicate. FlavrBox enables people to connect to and partake of the amazing food produced by UK farmers. All three enterprises have been challenging …
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Love Doctors Aslay and Meyers Share Their Story

The Love Doctors Love Coach Jonathon Aslay and his partner Love Doctor Sheri Meyers, share their love story! Both Aslay and Meyers have helped others to understand the dynamics of love and relationships through coaching, counseling and material they have created. In their own love story both have learned the power of healing, forgiveness and opening the heart to find true love! …
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Celebrating The Journey "I never thought I would be "that" girl. That girl has goals and dreams but became entangled in the fight of her life. That girl has begun her journey of recovering what was once lost - her joy, her peace, her passion, her self-esteem, and her desire to make the world a better place. That girl is me." ~ Ashley Hill, author of Celebrating the Journey. …
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