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This book will show you how to apply the strategies of today’s peak performers directly to your quest for success. From Bill Gates to Oprah Winfrey, from Charles Schwab to Lillian Vernon, the secrets of over 80 peak performers — including several billionaires — are revealed.

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You’ll learn how to think and act like a peak performer; push through any fears blocking your unlimited success; transform limiting beliefs into unstoppable self-confidence; turn obstacles into business opportunities; create million-dollar business ideas; and live your dreams.

What do you want to achieve in life? If you have high aspirations of wealth, you’ll want to study the stories in this book about how so many mega-wealthy superstars started with nothing and became billionaires. You’ll learn that you can have that kind of success too, since we’re all essentially the same. We’re all people who have the same opportunities. All you need to do is model the strategies of the world’s most successful people described in this book, and you too can create any kind of life you want, filled with riches and satisfaction.

Here’s what you will learn, step by step, to take you to the successful life you have dreamed of and that you deserve.

1 – Peak Performers Take Risks
A key trait of the world’s most successful people is that they are willing to take risks. In this chapter you will learn strategies for overcoming the fear which may be stopping you from taking on new and exciting challenges.

2 – Peak Performers Start Where They Are
Bottom line to life? You can’t know everything before you start! You have to take a leap of faith, and in this chapter you’ll learn how to destroy any excuses you have for not starting your own business.

3 – Peak Performers Turn Mistakes Into Learning Opportunities
You might not get it right first time out of the gate, but don’t worry! In this chapter you’ll come to understand why mistakes are essential to the business-building process, and how peak performers learn to shrug them off.

4 – Peak Performers Love Their Failures
In this chapter you will learn how to embrace the inevitable failures that come with pursuing your dreams and recognize them as learning opportunities. You’ll learn specific actions such as changing your beliefs about failure, being flexible and being persistent.

5 – Peak Performers Go Boldly Into The Unknown
How do you get out of your comfort zone? This chapter gives you the tools you need to blast out of your comfort zone and get into the unknown where fame and fortune await.

6 – Peak Performers Trust Their Intuition
Trusting your gut instincts about a new business idea is a prerequisite for peak performance, and in this chapter you’ll gain the tools you need to completely and confidently listen to the voice inside.

7 – Peak Performers Accept Themselves…So They Don’t Fear Rejection
In this chapter you’ll gain the techniques you need to shrug off the inevitable rejections you’ll hear on the way to success. Peak performers just accept them as part of the journey.

8 – Peak Performers Give Themselves All The Approval They Need
Peak performers are rebels with a cause, and you can learn to be a confident rebel with the tactics you’ll learn in this chapter. It’s necessary to turn your back on the world to break free of the crowd.

9 – Peak Performers Count On The Security Inside Them
The recent meltdown in the economy proves one thing: you need to rely on the security provided by your own unique skills. In this chapter you’ll be inspired by peak performers who relied on their dreams and desires to build huge empires, and you’ll learn strategies for beefing up your own security by doing what you love.

10 – Peak Performers Laugh All The Way To The Bank
In this chapter you’ll discover that even though success is often serious business, you need to nurture that part of you that’s a little bit foolish, a little bit clown. Why? Because standing in the shadows will never get you anywhere!

About Dan

I have studied the world’s most successful people, and found they have ten traits in common. I also know that the best way to be successful is simply to model the peak performers of the world. So in this book I have laid out a complete roadmap for you, with many examples, of what you need to do to create success in your life. Follow the roadmap, answer the 40 questions in the back of the book, and get started on the path to the life of your dreams.

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