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Wellnessaire, the Life Wellness System

Dr. Richard LondonThe outcome of Dr. Richard London’s creative process using the Life Wellness System was the creation of a new revolutionary doctorate of life path called Wellnessaire. Wellnessaire allows humans from every walk of life to create wealthwellnesslove, peace and spirituality in abundance and balance. This is a real tool which brings you to the place of fulfillment, accomplishment, peace and knowing that you DID IT.


  1. […] Instead, I would love for you to share your favorite charity or cause (please include a link if possible) and share why it is something important to you! We are community here at Then Life Happens and welcome all comments, feedback and valuable information to share! Listen to Angela’s latest interview on Your Story Matters. Angela interviews Dr. Richard London on the Life Wellness System. […]

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