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The eagle is so powerful that it can even soar above an approaching storm. It catches the wind by the tail and then rides the air currents. It does not fear. It does not panic. It only watches and waits until just the right moment and then aligns itself with the coming force of nature. Then it rides, glides, and soars. Just imagine that same eagle without wings…

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Without its wings, the eagle would be powerless. It would not be able to soar above the earth, and we would miss the sight of him in flight. It would starve. Without its wings, this magnificent bird of prey would die.

Like that eagle, we have all been created to soar. With outstretched arms, we wait for our chance to catch a wave and soar. But my story is a bit different. I learned to fly, even without wings. I pray that my story will encourage you to live without excuses and even if your wings get broken, make the attempt to fly. I believe that if you will try, then you will live. If you don’t, then like the eagle without wings, your dreams will surely die.

About Tawana Williams

Motivational Speaker Tawana Williams, has been traveling the United States since 1996 speaking and empowering people to live their best life.

For many years she and her husband have used their own funds for these engagements. She also donates her time to different organizations that can’t afford to pay.

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