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Live where you desire year round. Think of not having to shovel snow or deal with severe weather extremes anymore. You can live in more then one location with ease and this book will show you how.

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About Tracy

Tracey Parnell is a 40 year old snowbird residing in Sarasota, Florida and Toronto, Canada. Tracey lives with her partner and 13 dogs. Tracey is a snowbird and living a life of passion and purpose.


  1. I have known Tracey Parntell for several years and consider to be my friend, mentor and a true example of what qialities comprise am emtrepreneur. I am very familiar both with her book “The Forty Year Old Snow Bird” and the lifestyle that she writes about in her book and they are one in the same. I would recommend her book to everyone … even those who may not be snowbirds … to serve as an example of how the human spirit can rise above obstacles in order to fnd solutions and a better place in which to live. My only regret is that I only get to see Tracey for about a 6 month period but that’s part of the lifestyle that she’s chosen. She is truly gifted and a remarkable woman.
    Charles M. Bonasera, LCSW, Life and Business Consultant, Author and Motivational Speaker

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