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simple-steps-for-real-lifeCheryl Maloney, Speaker, Coach and Radio Talk Show Host created Simple Steps… Real Change, the website and Facebook page, as a safe harbor where beliefs are respected, inspiration is shared and those who come know that they are not alone in their journeys. Cheryl’s most recent book, Simple Steps for Real Life offers helpful tips to move forward in your life and live happier!


  1. Hi Cheryl,
    thank you so much for sharing your story. Even the words of affirmation that i read here everyday. I am recently divorce with 2 young adults and a 8 yr. old kid. The most challenging part of my transition is the judgement i felt from my friends and former colleagues. I made the decision to step-out along with my children who supported my decision. My ex- remained where i used to work, so i felt, a bit disconnected from my former friends bec. of that. Your story has helped me see a different side of my journey today. I think, on the other hand, what’s challenging as well, is he has not accepted this when all of his plans failed. He is very angry towards us. Isolation is a choice we have to do, it is bec. we want to be away from the negative perception express through opinions by others. Having someone to just understand is a comfort for me. I know, that your story is diff. from mine but the fact someone can relate about suffering is encouraging. Not everyone can …
    I appreciate your insight and wisdom in your story. Thank you for speaking from the heart.

  2. I just got to say that I feel for you and understand how you feel. I have lost my brother of 32 years of age. Then my husband of 17 years of age 35 to a horrible tragedy. I become very depressed. I thought what more is there to live for.. I know am having financial problems and know my home is in foreclosure. I went for a home modification and come to find out the company took my money i gave them and did not help me. My whole life has changed since the loss of my husband he was also my best friend and i miss him so much. I pray to god that he will help me find a way to get out of all this and just to find some peace and happiness again.. Sue

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