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About Scott Bradley; I am a person with an ever growing entrepreneurial spirit and am looking to network with other like minded individuals.

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About Scott

“The Values That I Live By”:

Flaky people are for the birds

Users don’t deserve my time

Trusting relationships are everything

Cherish the trust you have with your friends

Live every moment to the fullest

Don’t forget to have some fun

Making a mistake is not a bad thing…its good…you learn something new

Admitting your wrong is ok, just don’t make an excuse covering up the true fact you made a mistake and were afraid to admit to it

Use every resource to the fullest

Wastefulness is like the plague

Negative people are a waste of my time

Synergy between people is a beautiful thing

Give for the love of giving and making other people feel good

Be the best you can be

Live by the golden rule

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