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Saving Nikki

Let me tell you a little about what it was like for a young girl growing up in the 1960’s. It wasn’t unusual to get married right out of high school. Couples didn’t just live together – they committed to one another and got married. Occasionally, a girl got pregnant out of wedlock, and she generally had two choices. She could marry the young man in a hurry so people wouldn’t know the truth, or she would go live somewhere else to have her baby and then put it up for adoption. Abortion was illegal and dangerous. It wasn’t like today where the world would have you believe that it’s okay to have sex before marriage, or okay to live together without marriage.

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After her parents’ divorce, Nikki moves in with her loving grandparents. Three years later, her father remarries and takes her to live with him and his new wife, Sheila. Believing it’s in Nikki’s best interest, her mother moves away; Sheila makes it very clear that she has no intention of being her new mother. Nikki longs for her father’s love, but Sheila sabotages every attempt to get close. Feeling abandoned and betrayed, she dreams of something more – a world where love lasts forever.

Anthony enters her life on the first day of summer vacation. She’s immediately taken by his good looks and charm, and when he offers her a ride home that night, she accepts with some apprehension. Climbing into his 1956 Chevrolet, her heart is pounding and her senses are screaming, “Danger!” She never lets down her guard, but fear gives way to curiosity, and she begins to wonder. Could Anthony be the one person in her life who will not betray her – the one man who will love her and never leave her? How long will it take her to know for sure?


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