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Rajesh Durbal is an incredible testimony of faith and endurance.  He was born missing bones in both legs, and his right arm only partially developed.  By his first year in life, his legs were amputated and he was put in a full body cast for 3 months.  After recovery, he was fitted for prosthetic’s, and began the process of learning how to walk.

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About Rajesh

Growing up attempting to lead a normal life, he faced many adversities mentally, physically, and emotionally.   He spent years struggling to fit in and be accepted by his peers.  He hid himself in his clothing so as not to reveal his missing limbs.  Through his struggles he finally discovered an unconditional, non judgmental love through Jesus Christ.  This became the driving force that helped him make the choice to be free in himself and live life “Amazingly” and unashamed.

In 2009, Rajesh used his drive to begin an adventure that would transform his life and inspire the world.  He took his first leap of faith by running in the City of Orlando corporate 5k. He didn’t even come close to finishing first, but he finished.  That inspired him to challenge himself even further.  He decided to do something no one had ever attempted.  He was going to compete in the Ford 2010 World Iron Man. His peers did not believe it was safe for him to do.  But Rajesh was determined to prove that all things were possible through Christ that strengthened him.

He trained day and night, hours at a time running, biking and swimming.  He spent the late nights building his running shoes from an old pair of Nike sneakers. Four versions later of the same sneaker he was able to run a Half Marathon race on his walking legs. Determined to progress, he visited Home Depot to build his own bike legs, often spending multiple hours on the floor in the isle piecing together his creation.

Only one short year from starting his journey, he made it to Kona Hawaii Ironman World championships to compete. With encouragement from his family and close friends, he launched into what would be world changing.  He swam 2.4 miles in the ocean, biked 112 miles through rugged lava field terrain and followed up with a 26.2 mile run through the lava fields. Finishing in 14 hours 19 minutes and 12 seconds.

He went down in history as the world’s first triple amputee to compete and finish the Hawaii Iron Man.

By 2011, Mayor Buddy Dyer declared Monday February 7 officially as “Rajesh Durbal Day” in honor of his victory and leadership.

In meeting Rajesh, you will discover that he is very humble and let’s anyone know he is by no means perfect.  The only difference between him and anyone else is his understanding that you must surround yourself with positive people if you want to achieve great things, and hold yourself accountable to all your choices. He holds strongly to the belief that we all have the power of choice to control our actions and reactions.  And with positive choices, you can change any situation for the better.

Currently, Rajesh is only 5 feet 4 inches tall, but he now uses his body and mind as his weapon to conquer the war.

Not only is he an accomplish athlete with medals running, swimming, skiing, and snowboarding, or a world record time in the 100meter sprint. He’s also a lead Engineer in Information Technology for 15 years, developing solutions to solve the most complex technology requirements.

He’s also done adventure racing, professional modeling, commercials, as well as his international tour of speaking engagements including life coaching seminars for pro athlete’s, and business leaders.

He is now founder of Live Free and president of the Live Free Para-triathlon camp, which is a community outreach for the first disabled triathlon training camp in the state of Florida.

He also is the founder of Live Free Innovations which innovates and develops custom athletic gear and equipment for challenge athletes. Rajesh prides himself in helping others, and his passion for everyone to have a chance of an amazing life that burns BRIGHT!

But this is the body and mind he was given. This is his weapon.

Live Free Live Amazingly!

Don’t ever give up on what you believe in.
Not once
Not Ever
Dream to do extraordinary things everyday.

Life’s Calling. Where to Next.

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