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No Such Thing as a BullyKelly Karius shares her story of leading into her life work to help others successfully face conflict. She has co-authored No Such Thing As A Bully, Shred The Label Save A Child and provides workshops and trainings on communication and conflict resolution. No Such Thing As A Bully offers practical tips and insight into the dynamics of bullying and how to change the unwanted outcomes of such behaviors.

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  1. Denise Krochak says:

    I had the opportunity to bring Kelly’s message of “No Such Thing As A Bully”to our school, when she recently came to address students in Grades K through 9. Her message of “taking responsibility” for our actions, and taking ownership of our lives and how we treat others, was well received by the majority of the students and they all realized that their lives are important and that they can make a difference.
    I highly recommend Kelly’s workshops to everyone, all ages, genders, colors and creeds can benefit from the message she puts forth…
    What we all do matters, and we can all make a difference.

    • Great comment Denise! Thank you for sharing more about Kelly! I concur, she is a great resource for many and doing work that is very needed! Indeed each of us have a purpose and it does matter… we have the choice each day to make a difference! ~ Angela

    • Thank you so much Denise! Gosh, we need to get you to do a testimonial for the website! I left another website with my comment…hope you’ll have a look. There is some video on there of the presentation, and other info. It’s still in development though!

  2. A really enjoyable and excellent interview Kelly. It is so refreshing to hear about the non-dialectical approach you take to an endemic problem in our society. Your compassion shines through and gives hope. You must bring great comfort, and opportunity, to all the members of those families you work with.

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