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What would happen if:

  • You admitted that marriage hasn’t been the answer for your loneliness, unfulfillment, insecurities and fear you hoped it would be
  • You’ve tried everything to fix your marriage and nothing has worked
  • You found out that you are just “existing” and not really living
  • You are desperate for revelation and a powerful testimony to draw encouragement fromYou can’t live one more day without a change
  • You found out there is a solution

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How would your marriage be changed? How would your family be changed? How would you be transformed? Author Jesse Birkey will take you on a journey of personal tragedy that brought his whole world down around him. As Jesse lay in the ruins of everything he knew he began asking questions desperate for answers.

As the smoke began to clear Jesse began to hear the small, still voice of the Holy Spirit telling him that his hope for restored marriage, and resurrected life, rested in his willingness to be transformed. It was then that Jesus picked Jesse up and set him on the path to freedom and life and they began walking hand in hand.

Take the journey in “Marriage What’s The Point?”

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