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Joy From Deep Within

From Hemant Gupta’s book, Joy From Deep Within — Just like you and most, I have struggled with bringing and saving feeling joy and happiness within myself. As I approach fifty years of my life, I find myself to be writing this book about happiness and joy, an activity that is perhaps the least compatible with my training and education. The only qualifications I have to embark on such adventure is that for the last few decades core of my being has been unhappy and dissatisfied.

Hemant Gupta - Joy from Deep Within

The most notable change has come from altering my own perspective. It has made an incredible difference in my emotional well-being. In short, my perspective as a whole starting with who I am to how I relate to others around me and how I see the world around me has undergone a deep change. This book is about this change. It will be my hope that this book makes a similar difference in your perspective and inspires a happier change in your life.

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