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Stalking Awareness – Jodi’s Voice

Angela Daffron shares her experience of losing a long time family friend, Jodi Sanderholm, a victim of murder by a stalker.

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Daffron shares tips about being safe and protecting yourself from stalking and discusses stalking awareness. Daffron established Jodi’s Voice to increase awareness surrounding stalking and to provide services to the 3.4 million victims (reported) within the United States.


  1. I wish we had stalking laws in FL. The neighbor across the street has been caught on video trespassing in my yard, stealing from me, takes pictures over our privacy fencing from his roof, continuously circles our house in his vehicle (6 times in one day), and the list goes on. This has been a daily battle for over 3 years now and the police dept and the State Attorney’s office does absolutely nothing!

    • I can understand how frustrating it is. Check into what Jodi’s Voice is doing, perhaps there are ideas to change laws and the way things are done in Florida too. Thanks for listening ~ Angela

  2. Mikail Adams says:

    I am currently going through legal processes, where my stalker has convinced legal officials “she” is the victim, we have had so many court dates within the last two months it would blow your mind, I knew she was trying to get me in trouble two years ago, but when I left the state due to a fatal car accident my daughter was in I thought this girl would stop, NO for the last two years this girl has hired detectives, she has stalked my ex’s (who of course) have helped her by “playing nice” and finding mine and my daughters where a bouts. One ex was extremely upset (my abuser) and always did the honeymoon period no matter what state I was in, only to find my whereabouts for her. He even sent photos of my upper area to this girl (why we dont know) she is a total stranger and why she would want them we were unclear. The only thing the detective and I can figure is to place me on inappropriate site, its apparent her behavior is out of jealousy from me dating her now husband for only month prior to her. I can see being jealous and such, but she has had me arrested for charges I finally proved on her, she has 6 pending charges and a restraining order, but I am also facing two charges. My defender claims its gonna be ok due to I have a detective on my side, I know she doesnt have any thing because I have never contacted this girl, but still its a scary thought, has anyone else been through something similar and any advice for me in court.


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