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Hope Through the Eyes of Love

Patti Gauvin Hope Through the Eyes of LovePatricia Meserve Gauvin has a background in nursing with various jobs all enabling her to be her husband Ron’s advocate, caregiver, rehabilitation nurse and home health care clinician during his past 20 year triumph with a brain tumor. Patti wrote her husband’s autobiography and developed a model for living through adversity for her master’s thesis at Antioch New England. She facilitated a brain tumor support group for several years, culminating in leading a panel discussion for long term survivors at the Brain Tumor Society national symposium.

This memoir shows Patti’s unique perspective and commitment as a wife. Patti and Ron grew up in NH and have now settled on the northwest gulf coast of Florida, their “paradise found”. They both enjoy gardening, walking the beach searching for sand dollars and watching dolphins play in the surf – Hope Through the Eyes of Love.

By listening to the interview below and leaving a reply, you will be entered to win a copy of Patti Gauvin’s book, Hope Through The Eyes of Love. Comments will be closed once the draw has taken place.


  1. Thank you Angela for sharing Patti with me.
    My best friend passed away from brain cancer on March 25, 2011. For 4 short months (from diagnosis to her passing) I dedicated my time and love to her care.

    Patti, I honor and respect you for your commitment to your husband. How beautiful, thank you for sharing your touching story.

    Hugs & Love
    Lee xoxoxox

    • You are very welcome Lee! I applaud everyone who has the courage to share their story to help others, including you! Thank you for listening and commenting. ~ Angela

    • Lee

      I wanted to reach out to you and acknowledge the one year anniversary since your friend passing from brain cancer. I will be participating in the brain cancer walk in DC on May 6 and I will be sure to think of you during that time. It is a walk to honor the memories of those who have passed and all those affected by brain cancer.
      Thanks for your kind words and I hope you have had a chance to read out story.


  2. Theresa-Marie Frankel says:

    Patti, your story was so inspiring. You are a beautiful caring woman and it shines through the interview. I am looking forward to read the book and learning more of your story. The commitment to your husband and the other people you have touched through nursing is wonderful.

    I am so glad you wrote your story and shared your coming through such adversities. Thank you!


  3. Patti – that is a very useful interview and it is obvious that you are speaking from experience. I hope that your story, either through this interview or your book, reaches as many brain tumour patients and families a spossible. Thank you Angela for enabling this.


  4. L. Holland says:

    Beautiful story of beautifully coping with beautiful people. If I only had this kind of support from my spouse. Thank you for sharing this with us.

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