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Get Hooked on Hope

Hooked on HopeHooked on Hope is a local non-profit raising funds for the community. These funds are used to purchase mastectomy gowns, breast prosthesis, specialty bras, and other patient assistance items that many breast cancer patients require, but which are not covered by their health insurance. Hooked on Hope raises funds in large part with its annual inshore fishing tournament.

“Angela eloquently shares a powerful message of hope and encouragement wherever she speaks. Her expressive and positive demeanor leaves a memorable impact on others.”

Today is a great day to discover the power behind YOUR story. Contact Angela today.


Angela recently shared her “ideas worth spreading” at TEDxUCIrvine.

Watch the video here.


  1. I’m inspired by the non-profit Hooked on Hope. So many women with breast cancer, and so many without resources…. The cost of health care rising and being in a vulnerable place, maybe with a family that depends on you, or alone, by yourself with no one to lean on …… We need to support our mothers, sisters and neices as they meet the challenge of breast cancer head on.

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