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The oldest brother of the NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguar Justin Durant and the CFL’s Saskatchewan Roughrider Darian Durant, Keshawn Durant stands tall after becoming injured and ill. After losing his football career due to his ailments, he suffered bouts of major depression; however, he has now found his way. He continues to escalate toward his true success. Escalating Success displays an accurate, intimate account of his life in this heart-wrenching and uplifting life story. Having endured all of the good and the bad that life has provided, Keshawn has no regrets and is sharing his love for sports and his love for life with the world.

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  1. Clara lowery says:

    Thank you Keshawn for sharing your story about depression in sports because a lot of people don’t think that atheletes get depress. They thank that all athelics are strong and don’t have problems like anybody else because y’all are human to thanks for the book I am looking forward to reading your book and thanks again. I am a disabled veteran with depression so thanks again

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