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Dance of Victory tells about Sandy Morgan growing up as a person with Cerebral Palsy. Not giving in to what doctors, professionals and, at times, her parents said she’d never do, she listened to her inner self. That voice said she was a beautiful child of the Universe that could accomplish anything she desired. It is a book of hope, encouragement and inspiration!

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In Sandy’s Words

Born in 1948, I’ve lived with Cerebral Palsy (CP) since birth, using an electric wheelchair to get around. I currently live with my husband, Rod, in Central Minnesota. Despite doctors predictions, I’ve just celebrated my 60th birthday and still going strong! Although Dance of Victory is my first book for the general public, I’ve written manuals for the Minnesota Department of Education in the early 90′s. These 5 manuals, developed for teachers, were dessigned to assist juniors and seniors in preparing for life after high school. My inner voice told me told me to go along with the urgings of many to write a book. Selfish of sacrificing my active life to spend the next 20 years writing my story, typing 8 words per minute, I hired a intuitive ghost writer to come to my rescue. After much sweat and tears between us both, Dance of Victory is a reality.

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