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The Courage to Speak

The Courage To Speak® Foundation Inc., is a nonprofit organization based in Norwalk, CT, whose mission is “to save lives by empowering youth to be drug free and encouraging parents to communicate effectively with their children about the dangers of drugs.”

Ginger and Larry Katz founded the organization in 1996, just months after her 20 year old son Ian James Eaccarino died of an accidental drug overdose.

ianGinger pledged that she would do all she could to help prevent such a tragedy from befalling another family. Since then, Ms. Katz has become a nationally renowned speaker and has given over 1,000 drug prevention presentations to students, parents, educators, law enforcement and state/national conferences. Reaching hundreds of thousands of people nationwide, she shares the story of her son Ian’s losing battle with drugs, helping parents and educators keep our children safe.


  1. LorraineWatcke says:

    I met Ginger Katz about 4 months after I lost my 19 year old son Brian to an accidental Heroin overdose 4 1/2 years ago. I am now a member of her grief support group and also a volunteer for her Courage to Speak Foundation. Her support and the support of my family is what has gotten me through the last 4 1/2 years. I wish I had known about The Courage to Speak Foundation during the time my son was struggling with his drug addiction. Ginger is a wealth of knowledge and now I share what I have learned from her by volunteering for her.

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