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But I Was In Such a Good Mood This Morning

In 1989, just six months after marrying his wife, Rob was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. The dreams he and his young bride shared for their life together were suddenly and forever changed. Rob and his wife moved forward with their life, having fought hard and won the battle against the cancer.

Rob was thankful to be alive, and to have been blessed with the gift of restored health and a wonderful family. He thought about the cancer monkey asleep on his back. He wondered if it would ever wake up. He wondered if he could live his life without looking over his shoulder.

Rob Henslin Photo

Then one day in late October of 2008, the cancer monkey awoke from his nearly twenty-year slumber. For a second time Rob’s world and the lives of his wife and two daughters was turned upside down. Rob poignantly shares his journey in his memoir ‘But I Woke Up In Such A Good Mood This Morning’


  1. Rob, that was a fabulous interview with Angela. Just wanted you to know I listened to it and will be forwarding the link to a lot of people.
    We love you.

  2. Great interview with a great human being. Rob is a no nonsense, down to earth guy gifted with a healthy funny bone. I respect him immensely and couldn’t be more proud of how he turned his life into a lesson for us all.

    Thank you Rob for your courage, your friendship and your great big ole’ heart!

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