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I am a dynamic and passionate 2 time childhood cancer survivor–Leukemia ( 1970’s) and Non Hodgkin’s lymphoma (1980’s)–with a patient perspective very few people have. I received my masters degree as a mental health therapist to work in the areas of psychosocial oncology and cancer survivorship education and am voluntarily working as a cancer patient navigator.

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About Brett Wilson

I am developing a patient navigation network in West Virginia, and I volunteer on 2 sub committees for our state cancer coalition: patient navigation and cancer survivorship. I am a registered public speaker for the National Speakers Bureau for National Cancer Survivorship Day and have presented on the patient navigation system Dr. Harold Freeman developed and cancer survivorship issues here in West Virginia, I feel it makes things so much easier for staff and the patients we serve.

I was recently voted a volunteer LIVESTRONG Leader for the state of West Virginia. I will be attending Lobby Day and meeting with our state senators to discuss the barriers to care. I was trained by Dr. Harold P Freeman at the Patient Navigation Institute as a Cancer Patient Navigator and given a scholarship because of my cancer survivorship.

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