Inspiring Healing

In Our House Marala Scott speaks from the heart with her life-changing words of faith and strength. Her efforts caught the attention of Oprah Winfrey who honored her as one of her five Ambassadors of Hope in 2009 and stated “A childhood of abuse almost kept Marala Scott from a life of happiness…until she discovered how to use her story [In Our House] to help others.” Marala has shared her unimaginable life story to help others learn to forgive, accept challenges and overcome … Read More and Listen to the Interview »


Infertility - The Truth Behind The Secret Fran Meadows shares her story of infertility in the hopes of encouraging and supporting others in a similar situation. In Fran's words "My book explores not only a science behind infertility, but our fight to have a child when the odds were seemingly against us. What we thought would be an easy process of going to a reproductive endocrinologist and having a child, turned into a nightmare that we never saw coming." … Read More and Listen to the Interview »

from-fear-to-live-Susan- Goudy

From Fear To Love Two months shy of her third birthday, Susan Goudy was sexually abused by a sixteen-year-old neighbor. Although she unconsciously buried this horrific experience deep within herself, the deep-rooted fear that resulted continued to influence her decisions, happiness, relationships, health, and more for many years. In her book The Journey from Fear to Love Is Shorter Than You Think, Goudy describes the awakening into life that finally freed her from the mental, physical, and … Read More and Listen to the Interview »


Woman Of Femfluence (Feminine Influence) Dion Johnson shares her story of living with a facial disfigurement since childhood and how that experience caused her to ultimately find her purpose and inner strength. Dion uses her story of healing and awareness to help teach, encourage and inspire others, particularly midlife women. A WOMAN OF FEMFLUENCE is a midlife woman who makes a thrilling and authentic impact in her world, through her work. Dion helps women to experience the real and … Read More and Listen to the Interview »


SMAC! Sock Monkeys Against Cancer Jennifer Windrum shares her story behind creating the organization SMAC! Sock Monkeys Against Cancer. Jennifer says: "This whole entrepreneurial endeavor isn’t just about some random monkeys and attaching cancer to their name. It’s about my Mom… and too many others like her.The SMAC! monkey line was inspired by my Mom, Leslie Lehrman, who was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer six years ago. No, she never smoked. ANYONE can get lung cancer (‘nother whole … Read More and Listen to the Interview »


Radiant Survivor Erica Tucci, author of 'Radiant Survivor' shares her journey of overcoming the affects of having a stroke. From Erica's book- "Have you or someone you love ever faced a life situation that completely changed your life… one that may have brought you to the brink of death, physically or emotionally? How much would it have meant to have someone tell you that you have the ability not just to survive this ordeal, but to come out of it thriving with a richer and more meaningful view … Read More and Listen to the Interview »

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