Make Money Doing Good? Noam Kostucki has co-founded three social enterprises based on his belief that everyone can make money from doing good. Seeducation enables people make a living from doing good. Redefine Us enables organizations to improve their performance by redefining how they see themselves, their people and the way they communicate. FlavrBox enables people to connect to and partake of the amazing food produced by UK farmers. All three enterprises have been challenging …
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Midlife Heart Jim Rogers did not set out to be a writer, or at least he’s convinced that he did not. His first love was music and the music industry. After a 25+ year stint in the recording studio and two failed marriages he realized that if he wanted to be successful in love again for the long term, he would have to do some work... more like a lot of work. Thus began a new chapter in his life.  Over the course of the past 10 years, Jim has done a lot of work, read a lot of material, dated …
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