Women On Point Everyone has a story and the story of Women On Point, while personal in origin, mirrors the story of so many women in business that are trying to juggle two, and sometimes three worlds. Often in our quest to “do it all”, women sacrifice their sense of self. Many of us compromise our creativity, our passions and our dreams. Linda Farmer, founder of Women On Point, believes each of us has a dream we are passionate about, we all have a story to tell and once we recognize the changes …
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Strand of Pearls #DomesticViolence In her memoir, Strand of Pearls, Deborah Livingston recounts her journey from childhood abuse, frequent tragedy and adult addiction to a spiritual transformation that brought her an inner peace and joy available to us all. Her misfortunes early in life and her inability to see them as the “pearls” they actually were led to serious addiction in her early forties. And yet this addiction saved her life, preparing her for the inner transformation she would …
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