The Beauty Blueprint

The Beauty Blueprint From live TV to live events, Michelle Phillips has entertained and inspired millions. As a former celebrity make up artist turned TV personality, author, and motivational speaker, she combines her broad range of life experiences and natural warmth for a strength and esteem make-over of the "Mind, Beauty, and Spirit". Her interactive programs are designed to boost performance and wellness by bringing out the very best in us all. Michelle shares her tips from her book … Read More and Listen to the Interview »


The Discreet Guide For Executive Women Jennifer Crittenden provides an honest, practical, slightly irreverent career advice book for women who are or will be working in corporations run and predominately populated by men in The Discreet Guide For Executive Women. Working in a man’s world is a challenge, but with a little help from a friend, you can nurture a wonderful, satisfying career in a non-traditional role. Learn how to: — build relationship with men one-on one, in meetings, and … Read More and Listen to the Interview »


Reshaping Reality Creating Your Life You are here to leave your impression on the world by living a confident life of happiness, owning your power - Knowing who you are! Today, you stop existing and start LIVING! ~ Robin Marvel. Robin Marvel shows you how to take the negative life situations you were dealt and turn them into motivation and purpose... Reshaping Reality and Creating Your Life. YOU ARE what you choose to be Right Now! … Read More and Listen to the Interview »

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