Career Role Model Program By Claudia Howard, founder of Career Role Model -- "For over 25 years, I had a successful career in Supply Management. Things were great in life. I had an awesome marriage, good paying job that I really enjoyed, and we had just moved into a home we loved. Whoa!! Then there was the shock that stopped me in my tracks – my husband, the love of my life, had his third cancer & it was stage 4! He died 11 months later and though I went to my office every day, every night … Read More and Listen to the Interview »


Am I Brain Damaged? Lori Purdy-Faitel is a traumatic brain injury (TBI) survivor and shares her journey of recovery in her book 'Am I Brain Damaged'. Her journey began when she was 24 years old when she suffered a traumatic brain injury followed by a 7 day coma. Upon alertness, following the coma, her function reverted to what could be recognized as less than that of new born child. After re-learning to move, breathe, eat, walk and talk again, Lori returned to college and for more that … Read More and Listen to the Interview »


Elephant Branded One Elephant...One Idea. Supporting education in Africa and Asia. Why do some children have the right to an education whilst others don't? One Elephant...One Idea. By buying one of our products, we donate school kit to children in Africa or Asia. Simple as that. Our mission: To make a positive, long term, sustainable change to the communities that produce our products and the children that receive our school kits. One Elephant...One Idea. What we do? It’s name is … Read More and Listen to the Interview »


We're In This Together - A Caregiver's Story From Rob Harris, author of We Are In This Together -- A Caregiver's Story: "Like most people, I very unexpectedly became an at-home caregiver when my wife was first diagnosed with cancer. Since then, I have been an at-home caregiver, on and off, from 1990 until present day, for my wife and best friend, Cindy, who is a two-time cancer survivor. Presently, she continues to experience challenges with a leg amputation that has forced her to remain … Read More and Listen to the Interview »


Dream Catalyst From the founder of Dream Catalyst, Erik Lehmann: The evolution and creation of Dream Catalyst is a story that is still in process and probably will be for a long time! There are several experiences that have planted the seed for for Dream Catalyst upwards of 21 years ago. I share these stories because it is important to know that the roots of this mission have been cultivating until the moment was right to sprout. That moment is now! When I was a high school senior, I found … Read More and Listen to the Interview »


Make Money Doing Good? Noam Kostucki has co-founded three social enterprises based on his belief that everyone can make money from doing good. Seeducation enables people make a living from doing good. Redefine Us enables organizations to improve their performance by redefining how they see themselves, their people and the way they communicate. FlavrBox enables people to connect to and partake of the amazing food produced by UK farmers. All three enterprises have been challenging … Read More and Listen to the Interview »

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