Aime Hutton

Healing Through Dance Aime Hutton shares her story of Healing through Dance... from a childhood of bullying to becoming the successful founder of Awakening Goddess. Aime is out in the community inspiring women through sacred sensual body movement, heart opening connection, and laughter. Aime is inspiring women around the world to live life, have more fun and play in their lives... Inspiring the Goddess in YOU, too be fully who YOU are and accept your own wisdom, beauty, grace, and … Read More and Listen to the Interview »

Breast Cancer Survivor

Surviving Breast Cancer with Performance Sleepwear Surviving Breast Cancer has its challenges. Breast Cancer Survivor, Anne Best, founded Performance Sleepwear in response to her own successful battle. The night sweats she was experiencing were driving her crazy and she wanted desperately to design a line of sleepwear which would help others who were also going through extremely disrupted sleep because of sudden temperature changes in their bodies. Find out more about Performance … Read More and Listen to the Interview »

aaron michael kenefick

Honoring our Fallen Heroes Susan Price, Goldstar mother of Aaron Kenefick, shares about the loss of her only son while serving at war under circumstances that are questionable. Ms. Price shares her thoughts on the healing process during her grief by helping others and finding answers about the unneccesary death of her son, Marine Gunnery Sergeant Aaron Kenefick, and four others which may have been prevented. Honor our Fallen … Read More and Listen to the Interview »

Carol Sanek

Surviving to Thriving Carole Sanek is a breast cancer survivor and successful entrepreneur as a  blogger and social media coach. Carole has combined her past experience  in nursing, her story of cancer survival and her discovery of enjoying  social media to encourage and inspire many and tell her story of Surviving to Thriving. Whether blogging on one of  several blog posts about surviving and thriving after breast cancer or  sharing her tips on social media, Carole has something helpful … Read More and Listen to the Interview »

Angela Dockter-Harris

Joy Comes in the Mourning Author, speaker and coach Angela Dockter-Harris shares about facing and dealing with end of life and death. In her own words: “I am, in simplest terms, complicated. Multi-facted. We all are, if we are honest. I truly believe God made us to be multi-dimensional. However, many of us hide layers of ourselves. I find more and more struggle to hide in that. Sometimes it causes chaos, but I find it freeing. I’m a bold person, when you get to know me. Yet life has made me … Read More and Listen to the Interview »

Skool of Life - Surfing

The Skool of Life - Does Education Leave Out Important Things? Encouraging Entrepreneur, Srini Rao, shares his journey of becoming a successful blogger and social media expert in the midst of searching for his life purpose and building a successful career. Srini says: “If you’re anything like me you probably left school wondering how exactly it prepared you for life. After several years in the “real world”, I realized that my education left out some really important things. These are the … Read More and Listen to the Interview »

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