With Hard Work and Faith, Nothing is Impossible

With Hard Work and Faith, Nothing is Impossible

Matt Courson is a 24 year old from McGehee, Arkansas who was injured in a four-wheeler accident on April 23, 2006. After lying alone for five hours before being found, Matt underwent an 8-hour surgery at UAMS to repair the damage he suffered to his spine. The following month was spent at UAMS and Baptist Rehabilitation Institute where he began the process of learning life’s simple activities. An All-State selection, 8AAA Pitcher of the Year, and collegiate pitcher now faces life in a wheelchair.

Matt’s initial words to his parents as he lay in the UAMS Emergency Room were he would not let this injury beat him; that he was going to make a difference. Matt’s fight began the instant he was injured and has continued through the following months.

Nothing is Impossible Picture of Matt Courson

After two additional surgeries and ten months of rehab, he is steadily progressing to the point of complete independence while holding to the words he whispered in the UAMS Emergency Room…


Hope Through the Eyes of Love – Patti Gauvin

Hope Through the Eyes of Love

Patti Gauvin Hope Through the Eyes of LovePatricia Meserve Gauvin has a background in nursing with various jobs all enabling her to be her husband Ron’s advocate, caregiver, rehabilitation nurse and home health care clinician during his past 20 year triumph with a brain tumor. Patti wrote her husband’s autobiography and developed a model for living through adversity for her master’s thesis at Antioch New England. She facilitated a brain tumor support group for several years, culminating in leading a panel discussion for long term survivors at the Brain Tumor Society national symposium. Continue reading Hope Through the Eyes of Love – Patti Gauvin

The Podcast Guy – Dave Thackeray

Trust, Engagement, Loyalty.

Tell more, SELL more. Face facts – when you tell tales, you create more sales.

Dave ThackeryWhen we talk about stories, we’re not talking airy-fairy streams of consciousness: Sharing stories with The Podcast Guy means constructing powerful radio programmes or whole internet radio stations to create unprecedented levels of trust, engagement and loyalty among your customer communities.  Put simply, The Podcast Guy sets the voice of your business free, leaving you to enjoy the rewards of incredible word of mouth marketing as your customers delight in your commitment to their delight in your products and services. Continue reading The Podcast Guy – Dave Thackeray

Social Media Design – Lori Randall Stradtman

Social Media Design

Lori Randall StradtmanLori is a digital native with considerable experience in design from practical interior design, to web page design and for the past several years, social media design. She specializes in creating social media campaigns that weave together communication threads – website, blog, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube – into a strong, multi-colored campaign that captures the essence of a client’s brand. After deep experience in marketing and design that included creating traffic-stopping window treatments in the retail sector, and running a commercially successful boutique, Lori studied Speech Communication at the University of Georgia and graduated magna cum laude in 2008, a time when the social media world was bursting with opportunity. A natural flair for design combined with a passion for authentic communication resulted in the combustible success story that is Social Media Design. Continue reading Social Media Design – Lori Randall Stradtman