The oldest brother of the NFL's Jacksonville Jaguar Justin Durant and the CFL's Saskatchewan Roughrider Darian Durant, Keshawn Durant stands tall after becoming injured and ill. After losing his football career due to his ailments, he suffered bouts of major depression; however, he has now found his way. He continues to escalate toward his true success. Escalating Success displays an accurate, intimate account of his life in this heart-wrenching and uplifting life story. Having endured all of … Read More and Listen to the Interview »


Mac Macartney, speaker, writer & consultant founded Embercombe, a 50 acre site in the UK which is a leadership development center for all. Embercombe exists to fulfill a mission which is expressed as: To touch hearts, stimulate minds and inspire committed action for a truly sustainable world. Embercombe exists to encourage you to be the leader you could be; inspired, resolute, and resilient. … Read More and Listen to the Interview »

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