Confident, seductive crooner. Witty pop songsmith. Introspective folk troubadour. Those are just a few of the many looks that Columbus, GA-based workaholic Ryan Hamner offers on his self-titled debut EP, due soon on Jackyl frontman Jesse James Dupree’s burgeoning Mighty Loud label. …
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Songwriter, singer, musician and recording artist Db Martin shares his amazing talent that has been honed since childhood. …
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Dreams Come True Rajesh Durbal is an incredible testimony of faith and endurance.  He was born missing bones in both legs, and his right arm only partially developed.  By his first year in life, his legs were amputated and he was put in a full body cast for 3 months.  After recovery, he was fitted for prosthetic’s, and began the process of learning how to walk. …
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