My name is Randi (The Muffin Lady) and I will be your guide for baking and cooking scrumptious, everyday treats and foods in higher elevations. …
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Dr. Julie Thong is a dynamic speaker, inspirational author, heartfelt philanthropist, successful entrepreneur, and life-changing courage coach. She shares how the same strategies she used in a daring escape from Cambodian communist regime helped her achieve great health, time, freedom, and other amazing opportunities. Dr. Julie teaches how anyone can overcome any obstacles through aromatherapy with therapeutic grade essential oils. …
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Living Consciously In An Ego Driven Society is a guide to creating conscious awareness of your own experience of life. Karen Monteverdi uses her unique story of her awakening to guide the reader through the resources that support awakening to your true nature. Llenar Bragg writes; "Transformation doesn't have to take forever...for most people it will. It will take their entire lives. And most people will die...with beliefs, behaviors and ways of being which no longer work for them. …
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